How To Be A Skinny Mini With No Friends

Happy New Year! This is typically when people think about goals for the year ahead, and I’ll admit I fall into that trap. But I like to set the bar low for any resolutions. Really low, so I’m almost guaranteed to feel smug by December.

So, none of this losing weight, or becoming neat and tidy. I would fail. This year I’m aiming to have matching underwear more often. Cross your fingers for me, I have a terrible track record at this!

The goal to lose weight must still be a favourite though, as all of the lifestyle sites I read are currently full of tips and tricks to lose weight without trying. Which is fine, but this one nearly made me choke on my coffee. Can you imagine trying to hold a conversation with someone doing these “hard to notice” movements?!


“So anyway, Claire, then I told my boss-”

*fingers tapping on the table*

“Sorry, am I annoying you? We don’t have to talk about work.”

“No, it’s fine, please continue.”

“OK… So I told my boss-”

*eye roll*

“Seriously, what have I done?”


I’ll stick with the gym, I think.

7 thoughts on “How To Be A Skinny Mini With No Friends

    1. Oh of course – it’s a screen shot of a list on burning calories without noticing, and says “Fidget.
      It’s actually impressive how many calories you can burn by doing simple, hard to notice movements, like tapping your toe or stretching your neck. By constantly moving, even in the smallest of ways, you can burn calories all day long. Although these movements may seem small and insignificant, even the tiny boosts from smaller muscle fibers will help to raise your metabolism. One site suggests: drumming your fingers, circling your ankles, stretching your arms and even rolling your eyes.”

      It really made me laugh – hard to notice, huh?


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