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Cover Reveal

The new book is almost done! Which means I’m finally ready to show you the cover, and tell you a bit more about it.



“He’s infuriating. An asshole wrapped up in pretty packaging. And I know better than to unwrap that present.”

From the moment Tess sees the new guy at work, she feels the pull towards him. But then he opens his mouth.  And reveals himself as an arrogant jerk, intent on making her work life hell.

Avoiding Damian is the safest bet, but Tess has never been one to walk away from a fight. If he wants a war, he can have one. And he should be prepared to lose.

Because Tess built her real estate career to protect what’s left of her family. And no arrogant jerk is going to take it from her. No matter how good he looks in a suit.

Open Home, Closed Heart is a full-length standalone sequel to the Hawaiian Heartbreak Trilogy. Intended for readers over 18 due to explicit sexual content.


What do you think? I just love it, but then, I would say that 😉

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More Freebies!


It may be April 1st, but I promise I’m not fooling! I’ve teamed up with some fellow indie authors, and we’re offering 65 books for free, or 99 cents.

It’s all different genres, so of course romance, but also sci-fi, horror, etc. Jump over to to check them out.

Have fun 😉

Free Stuff Is The Best Stuff


Book Fair-1

Freebies! Do you want them? A chance to get your mitts on books from any and all genres?

I’ve teamed up with some of my author buddies to create a book fair. It starts on Facebook this Saturday – yes, this Saturday. We’ve got lots of giveaways scheduled and posts about new books every day. Check out the link to get amongst it. 

I’ve put a copy of the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy up for grabs – yes, all three books. And while there are plenty of other romance authors involved, there’s also fantasy, sci-fi, mystery… the list continues. There’s almost 100 authors taking part, so I can guarantee you’ll find something to tickle your fancy.

Happy reading, and good luck with the giveaways!

Cover Reveal(s)!

Hawaiian Homecoming is now almost, almost done. I can’t wait to see what you guys think of the ending – and in a couple of weeks, the wait will be over!

Which of course means that, when not putting the final touches on the book itself, I’ve been working with my cover designer. I always love seeing what she comes up with once I’ve described the mood of the book. Of course my mailing list got the first sneak peek, but now it’s your turn.

(By the way, if you want to join my mailing list, you can do that here. You’ll get a free welcome copy of Hawaiian Heartbreak, and I do giveaways of print books semi-regularly. Just saying.)

So without further ado…



What do you think? I absolutely love it! Seeing these two looking all happy and sexy warms my cold heart.

BUT. I promised you covers, plural. Which is because, as this is the last in the series, I’m also putting out a book that combines all three into one volume. Nothing in the writing will change, it’ll just be that much easier for those who like to binge the whole lot in one go. You know who you are.

And so, on to the unveiling of number two…


You may recognise the picture from the first in the series, but with a few tweaks. Everyone kept telling me how much they loved it, so I figured this was a great excuse to bring it back. Never argue with your readers 😉

So, what do you think?

Happy Punctuation Day, Have Some Free Stuff!


You know what I love about the modern age? Special days on the calendar for everything and everyone, including word geeks. I’m sure we can all agree, Punctuation Day is among the unappreciated greats.


How best to celebrate? WITH BOOKS, clearly! I’m starting a giveaway for the paperback of my new book, Hawaiian Heartbreak, over on Goodreads. If you liked the eBook and want a physical copy, or if you need an easy present for Christmas (hey, it’s coming closer), or even if you haven’t got around to reading it yet, click the book cover below and try your luck. I promise, all the punctuation is in the right place.


P.S. For those hanging out for book two, that’s going swimmingly. I put in the last of my own edits last night, and it heads off to the official editor this week. So not long to wait until you find out what’s next for Kayla!