Well, Damn. Muscular Men Make Bad Boyfriends?

This just in, apparently muscular men make bad boyfriends. Hot off the press from the University of Westminster, the study’s found the more muscular the man, the more likely he is to be sexist and even hostile to women.

Maybe if we just don’t talk? I could live with that arrangement.

The reasoning for it (researcher’s words here, not mine, don’t shoot the messenger) is apparently men who are sexist also work on being muscly, because it fits their idea of what a “real man” looks like.

Now, they only surveyed 327 British men, so I’m hopeful it’s all a big misunderstanding. And I, for one, am not going to stop daydreaming about muscular men.

Besides, this is what we have book boyfriends for. So they can be the perfect man, reality be damned 😉

Anyone else come across this problem with muscular but sexist men? I’ve never noticed, but maybe I was too busy staring…



Instant Orgasm Thanks To A… Mushroom??

For anyone who’s ever had difficulty hitting the Big O, maybe you should head to Hawaii. No, not because it’s super romantic (although, it is). But they’ve just discovered a mushroom there that makes women instantly orgasm just by smelling it.

Hello, new friend.

There are a couple of caveats: you’ve got to find a lava flow that’s 600-1000 years old as that’s where it grows, and it was only about half the women who orgasmed instantly, the others were just “significantly more aroused”. Keep it away from your man-friend as well, apparently they just think it smells disgusting.

I only have one complaint about this discovery. Could they not have found it before I started writing Hawaiian Heartbreak, please?? This would have made Kayla and Jay’s jaunt up a volcano even more interesting!