Gettin’ Sociable


I’ve finally caved, and signed up to more social media than just this blog. I KNOW, welcome to 2016, me.

I’m going for Twitter and Instagram for now, to make sure it stays manageable. First priority has to be the writing, or at least, that’s what I try to remind myself on a daily basis…


The only thing is, I’m a little lonely with my brand new accounts. Come hang out with me, let’s talk even more often!


(Current progress: 36,264 words into first draft)

Lovely Ladies

There’s a great trend in December, where people post something each day that they’re grateful for.

I’m not organised enough to do it every day, but in that spirit, here’s a shout out to all the wonderful women who stick by each other every day.

Love y’all.


Review: Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother

24322590He’s devastatingly handsome, sexy, arrogant and he’s out of reach.
He’s my best friend’s brother and the one man I can’t have.
However, now that my best friend Liv is getting married, I’m seeing him more than ever.
And he’s doing things to me that are making it hard for me to forget him.
Or that night we had years ago.
The night neither of us wants to talk about.
The night I really want to talk about. We both vowed to keep our secret.
It’s just getting harder and harder to keep it to myself.
I need to come up with a plan.
And I need to come up with it now because every weekend it’s getting harder and harder to tell myself that I’m not falling for my best friend’s brother.


Definitely a fun read! These two are ridiculous, constantly playing games with each other. Just unhitch your brain and enjoy the ride: some of the games don’t even make sense, but they’re definitely entertaining.

The friendship with Liv was also lovely – full of schemes and silliness, but at the end of it, they’re two friends who really look out for each other. Although I definitely wouldn’t be OK with getting so much information about my brother’s sex life!

In a sentence: fun, silly, with just enough heat. Four stars!

P.S. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and made a page for Facebook. Come like me, I need some friends!