I’m Not Addicted To Books, I’m Just Focused On My HEALTH



It doesn’t really need explaining that all of us here love reading! Finding a quiet nook of the house, curling up where nobody will disturb you, and diving into a book. Looking up after a few pages, realising several hours have gone by… and not regretting a thing.

Well next time someone calls you a bookworm, you can now tell them it’s for your health! According to this article, scientists have found a bunch of benefits, mostly for our brains.

The list includes stress relief, boosting intelligence and memory, and better brain function in old age. I think my favourite factoid was on stress relief – six minutes of reading can reduce stress by 68%! It’s also better than listening to music or making yourself a cup of tea. Sign this stress bunny up.

But really, as if we needed proof that us readers are a smart bunch 😉 Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go buy a bunch more books. For my health, you understand.


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6 thoughts on “I’m Not Addicted To Books, I’m Just Focused On My HEALTH

  1. Dear Libby,

    I have been following your blog and enjoy your book reviews.

    My second novel, Azalea Heights, a clash of cultures, literary fiction, being published by Creators Publishing, USA, is going to be out in May, 2021. I wanted to check with you if you would be willing to review an advance copy of the book. I am happy to return the favor.

    Following is the (draft) description of the book as it would appear on the book cover.
    Many thanks for your time.

    Warm regards, Rajat

    Twenty-two students of Winston Elementary School are being held hostage. The gunmen are demanding the release of ISIS leaders held in Iraq. A rescue attempt by the FBI could get the children killed. Altaf Khan, a 48-year-old Pakistani-American, may be able to help them infiltrate the terrorists’ network. However, one of the captors is his son, Zain.

    AZALEA HEIGHTS is a clash-of-cultures story of a diverse cast of characters wanting to make a fresh start. Naina is a recently divorced woman learning to live alone. Rohan is a small-time restaurant owner with big dreams. Altaf, a proud American citizen, is struggling with the radicalization of his teenaged son. Gerard is a retired two-time Iraq veteran fighting with his inner demons and legacy of the war.

    When they move to a new development called Azalea Heights, their paths inevitably cross and result in a chain of events that upend their lives completely. Zain disappears, and Altaf’s efforts to find him lead Altaf to Zain’s dark world of beheading videos and contempt for America. Gerard is questioned about his role in a war crime. Naina falls for Rohan, only to let the ghosts of her past cloud their relationship. AZALEA HEIGHTS captures the escalating tensions within the neighborhood, but also recognizes the American spirit, when people with disparate ideologies, beliefs, and politics come together in a moment of crisis.

    AZALEA HEIGHTS deals with multiple layers of racism in American society. It delves into the protagonists’ psyches, their hopes, fears, and biases, the shocking secrets they keep, and the terrible choices they make. In the end, it boils down to a single principle: doing the right thing, regardless of consequences.

    Fans of Little Fires Everywhere, An American Marriage and There There will enjoy this riveting tale of inter-cultural conflict in these unsettling times when prejudices have come to be accepted as normal.

    Warm regards,

    Rajat Narula

    Your Site ‹ Rajat Narula — WordPress.com
    email: rajatwrites@gmail.com


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