Why Hello, Waiheke

In a small country like New Zealand, people get disproportionately excited when the outside world notices us. Actually, we’re technically not all that small – by land mass, we’re twice the size of England. The more you know, hey?

But, we still look tiny because we’re next to that overgrown monstrosity Australia (shakes fist) and we have an eeny weeny population. When people notice anything other than our rugby team or hobbit movies, it’s a Big Day.

So you should’ve seen my Facebook feed explode when Lonely Planet picked a New Zealand spot for one of it’s top 10 for next year! Waiheke Island (say it with me, why-hih-kee) got into the Top 10 Regions for next year’s best in travel. In fact, it’s number five! It even beats Hawaii, which I personally disagree with, but you never really appreciate what’s on your own doorstep, do you?

Waiheke’s definitely pretty, I’ll give it that.

Anyway, I had a more personal reason to be excited. The last book in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy (currently under construction) is set in New Zealand, and includes some important things happening on Waiheke Island. What can I say, there’s vineyards, beaches, and plenty of little isolated spots to sneak away together. Romance novel kryptonite!

Apparently I need a job predicting hot travel trends, because Hawaiian Healing also includes a nod to Iceland. It’s a tough life, but someone has to sit around daydreaming about the best places to travel, then write it all down.

If you’re interested, this is the full list. Maybe the next book should be set in Romania?

Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Regions 2016

  • Transylvania, Romania
  • West Iceland
  • Valle de Viñales, Cuba
  • Friuli’s wine regions, Italy
  • Waiheke Island, New Zealand
  • The Auvergne, France
  • Hawaii, USA
  • Bavaria, Germany
  • Costa Verde, Brazil
  • St Helena, British Territories

What’s your favourite on the list?

Cover Reveal: Hawaiian Healing

The wait is almost over! Hawaiian Healing is just about ready to be released, answering all those questions you had after Hawaiian Heartbreak ended. (I’m a little bit sorry about that cliffhanger. But not much.)

But getting back to the topic at hand – this means it’s finally time to show you the new cover, hot off the press…


Ta-da! Isn’t it beautiful? Hawaiian Healing sees the emotions kick up a notch, and the stakes become higher. My designer did a great job making sure this cover gives you a taster of what’s coming.

You can also check out the blurb below. Only a few more weeks until it’s ready to be read!

Kayla came to Hawaii to heal her broken heart. Not to get it smashed all over again.

Jay took over her mind and body, consumed her, and then he was gone.

All she has left are the questions she can’t avoid any longer. Can she survive without him? What’s more important, love, or the life she’s built at home? And why does it suddenly seem like Jay’s hiding something?

The second book of three in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content.

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Instant Orgasm Thanks To A… Mushroom??

For anyone who’s ever had difficulty hitting the Big O, maybe you should head to Hawaii. No, not because it’s super romantic (although, it is). But they’ve just discovered a mushroom there that makes women instantly orgasm just by smelling it.

Hello, new friend.

There are a couple of caveats: you’ve got to find a lava flow that’s 600-1000 years old as that’s where it grows, and it was only about half the women who orgasmed instantly, the others were just “significantly more aroused”. Keep it away from your man-friend as well, apparently they just think it smells disgusting.

I only have one complaint about this discovery. Could they not have found it before I started writing Hawaiian Heartbreak, please?? This would have made Kayla and Jay’s jaunt up a volcano even more interesting!

Review: Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother

24322590He’s devastatingly handsome, sexy, arrogant and he’s out of reach.
He’s my best friend’s brother and the one man I can’t have.
However, now that my best friend Liv is getting married, I’m seeing him more than ever.
And he’s doing things to me that are making it hard for me to forget him.
Or that night we had years ago.
The night neither of us wants to talk about.
The night I really want to talk about. We both vowed to keep our secret.
It’s just getting harder and harder to keep it to myself.
I need to come up with a plan.
And I need to come up with it now because every weekend it’s getting harder and harder to tell myself that I’m not falling for my best friend’s brother.


Definitely a fun read! These two are ridiculous, constantly playing games with each other. Just unhitch your brain and enjoy the ride: some of the games don’t even make sense, but they’re definitely entertaining.

The friendship with Liv was also lovely – full of schemes and silliness, but at the end of it, they’re two friends who really look out for each other. Although I definitely wouldn’t be OK with getting so much information about my brother’s sex life!

In a sentence: fun, silly, with just enough heat. Four stars!

P.S. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and made a page for Facebook. Come like me, I need some friends!


Author Interview – Libby Cole

I talked to Skye from Skye’s Book Blog about writing Hawaiian Heartbreak, and what’s next for Kayla and Jay – check it out!

Libby Cole is the Author of Hawaiian Heartbreak & I had the chance to ask her some questions


Tell us a little about yourself

 I’ve always been a scribbler, but the outlet changes from time to time. I was a journalist for several years, but I eventually felt like I was only ever bringing people bad news. So I switched to writing romance books, because I wanted to help people indulge in some fun instead. Although there’s still plenty of room to slip some more serious topics in there, so it’s really the best of both!

I loved your book and it seems like you know a lot about Hawaii, Is this from experience or a lot of research?

 Bit of both, really. I love travelling with my husband, and we’ve seen some amazing places together. If you ever find someone you can travel with, without killing each…

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I can be a little competitive. Nothing outrageous, just I will compete over anything and everything, and I will WIN, damn it. Who can get to the car first? Me! Now let’s go back and pick up all the groceries I dropped to lighten the load.

I like to think this makes life entertaining, but there’s definitely a downside to it. Ever tried arguing with a person who doesn’t see losing as an option? I’ve been known to apologise to my husband with the line “I’m sorry you ruined everything”. Say it in a very contrite voice for maximum effect. Hey, in my marriage vows I promised to love him, nothing was said about maturity.

He may have been thinking of that when he sent me this the other day, with just the message “your theme song”. I have no idea what he’s referring to…

So, do you have a theme song? Share with me!

P.S. Sorry I was absent for a while, I was working on the second book with my editor. It definitely needed my full attention! We’re getting closer, though…