I have a book review!!!! Open Home, Closed Heart by Libby Cole

Four out of four cupcakes – who could ask for a higher rating?

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As you might have noticed I have not been doing any real reading lately, but when Ms. Libby Cole’s new book came out, Open Home, Closed Heart, I had to read it. I previously read Ms Cole’s three other books int the Hawaiian Heartbreak Book Series. Those reviews can be found here.

But onto my review of Open Home, Closed Heart by Libby Cole.


This is book four of the Hawaiian Series but it can really be read as a stand alone. This story involves Tess, a successful real estate agent, and her relationship with new co-worker, Damien.

images (3) Needless to say, Tess and Damien’s work relationship doesn’t start off  very well as Damien is determined to be top dog at the real estate agency and he’s not letting ANYONE get in his way.

images (4)

Tess is forced by her boss to help Damien acclimate into the real estate agency and needless to…

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Open Home, Closed Heart by Libby Cole Review!

The reviews are rolling in for Open Home, Closed Heart, and I’m thrilled with the reception! I’m sitting pretty with a 4.7/5 rating on Goodreads so far, and that’s before it even releases.

But this review has to be one of my favourites. To have a reviewer say it was written flawlessly, that it grabbed her attention and wouldn’t let go – that’s about as good as it gets for us authors!

Don’t forget, it’s $0.99, only until it releases on Monday.

Hawaiian Heartbreak Trilogy by Libby Cole Review!

This review of the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy absolutely made my day – partly because of the awesome picture at the end! I hope it makes every reader get to the beach ASAP.

Night Reads

hawaiin hearbreak libby cole

Hawaiian Heartbreak Book #1

Hawaiian Healing Book #2

Hawaiian Homecoming Book #3

The Complete Trilogy

Screenshot 2016-03-02 12.16.02

When do you admit a holiday fling is so much more?

Kayla’s always been scared to push her boundaries and take a risk. But it turns out all she needed was a scumbag ex-boyfriend to send her running to Hawaii, hoping to pull the shattered pieces of her heart back together while sunning herself on a white sand beach.

What she hadn’t planned on was falling for someone new. Especially someone tall, tanned, and distractingly sexy. Soon sparks and puns are flying, and Kayla is introduced to a whole new way of appreciating Hawaii’s beautiful scenery. But what starts out as a fun holiday romance turns into a full-blown love affair, with neither wanting to admit the clock is ticking until Kayla has to return home.

A combined volume of all three books in the…

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#WCW: Interview Style with Libby Cole <3

You know what I love about blogging? That we all genuinely chat to each other and get to know each other. I’ve met some fabulous readers and writers through WordPress, and long may it continue.

One of person I’m really glad I’ve met is Jordan. Recently she asked me to do an interview for her blog, and of course I had to say yes. Check it out, I thought she had some really interesting questions!

Words. . . I Need Words. . .


Hey guys! Today I have for you a totally awesome author who just happens to be a totally awesome blogger as well! Libby Cole writes some great romance novels, Hawaiian Heartbreak and Hawaiian Healing, and the third on the way!

Libby also does some awesome posts on her blogs for reviews and even about her every day life. She is a great friend to talk to about writing and reading in general and am so happy to have gotten to get to know her last year! :]

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a former journalist who ran away from reality to be a romance writer. I loved the travel and the buzz of chasing stories for so long, then one day I woke up and realized my daily work had become really negative. I couldn’t take it anymore. I still love reading the news…

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It’s here! It’s finally here! I know, I’m sorry, the cliffhanger was mean, but now you can have your answers. Hawaiian Healing has just gone live on Amazon, and you can check it out here  http://www.amazon.com/Hawaiian-Healing-Heartbreak-Book-ebook/dp/B017QBKHS0/

There’s already some lovely reviews on Goodreads, so thank you to my advance readers who took the time to share their thoughts. There’s even a review that’s already been posted to Amazon – super quick!

If you’re an advance reader and for some reason haven’t got your copy yet, please tell me. I don’t want to leave anyone out in the cold, and every now and then the mailing list develops a few kinks. Not the fun kind 😉

For now… I’ve had my break, and it’s on to writing the third and final book. 8,000 words down, several thousand more to go.


Kayla came to Hawaii to heal her broken heart. Not to get it smashed all over again. 

Jay took over her mind and body, consumed her, and then he was gone. 

All she has left are the questions she can’t run from any longer. Can she survive without him? What’s more important, love, or the life she’s built at home? And why does it suddenly seem like Jay’s hiding something? 

The second book of three in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content.

Beware Mixing Writing And Marriage

Writing is a wonderful career choice in many ways, but in other ways it can hurt the ones you love.

Not because you have to choose to be solitary for long stretches. I love taking a break for coffee dates or a movie, and the rest of the time they’re probably relieved I’m out of their hair.

Not because you compare your husband to your book boyfriend, because hey, who do you think helps with inspiration.

It’s because you constantly rabbit on to them about details from the book, such as, I don’t know, the time you spent in Hawaii. You might ask your husband what he remembers the air feeling like, what the people were like, what you did, what you ate.

And then one day your husband wakes up, rolls over, and says sadly: “I think… I think I was just dreaming. And now I have this keen awareness that I’m not in Hawaii.”

Me too, babe. Me too.

Hawaii Beaches-28

Author Interview – Libby Cole

I talked to Skye from Skye’s Book Blog about writing Hawaiian Heartbreak, and what’s next for Kayla and Jay – check it out!

Libby Cole is the Author of Hawaiian Heartbreak & I had the chance to ask her some questions


Tell us a little about yourself

 I’ve always been a scribbler, but the outlet changes from time to time. I was a journalist for several years, but I eventually felt like I was only ever bringing people bad news. So I switched to writing romance books, because I wanted to help people indulge in some fun instead. Although there’s still plenty of room to slip some more serious topics in there, so it’s really the best of both!

I loved your book and it seems like you know a lot about Hawaii, Is this from experience or a lot of research?

 Bit of both, really. I love travelling with my husband, and we’ve seen some amazing places together. If you ever find someone you can travel with, without killing each…

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Hawaiian Heartbreak

I’m starting to get some reviews back now, and it seems people are really enjoying Hawaiian Heartbreak! This is an absolutely lovely one from Kyra that made me smile. I’m so happy when people like the book. It’s always what you’re hoping for when you’re writing, but it’s always impossible to judge your own work isn’t it 😉


hh_medTitle: Hawaiian Heartbreak

Author: Libby Cole

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published: September 2nd 2015

Pages: 98


So I was asked to review this book by the author and I’m so glad I took up the opportunity. This is a short book, so I finished it pretty quickly, and I never wanted it to end. I have to say the writing style of this author is very descriptive and gripping. I felt like I was having the holiday romance myself! I couldn’t put it down! I haven’t read a romance like this really since Fifty Shades came out and I pretty much had enough then, but this was completely different. I felt like this wasn’t just about the love, it was also about the travel adventure, and it has definitely made me want to visit Hawaii as soon as I can!

The author clearly knows a lot about Hawaii…

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Celebrating every milestone


The biggest thing I struggled with when I first started writing was finishing the story. A simple, but fairly important, hurdle. Granted, most of these were short snippets when I was a teenager. I had the attention span of a gnat. But it was my struggle, and it was difficult. It’s easy to be excited about the concept of a story. It’s another thing entirely to put in repeated hours pulling a story into reality.

The best thing I’ve found for beating this is celebrating every little moment. Write 3,000 words a day, even if you have to delete them all tomorrow, because they’re terrible. Finished your 3,000? Time for a cup of hot chocolate. Made the decision to delete them? Maybe time for a chocolate biscuit, because that’s gotta sting.

This time I’ve hit a slightly bigger milestone: I’ve finished the first draft of a book. It’s very exciting to finally see it all down on paper, to know how it takes shape outside of my head. I’m proud of it. I know it’s a good story.

At the same time, there’s no need to get too excited. It’s the first draft, and will need many edits before I even send it to the official editor. It’s also the first in a two-part story, so technically, the story isn’t finished yet! But the book is, and I’m happy with it.

Have you hit any milestones recently, in writing or otherwise? What keeps you motivated?