It’s All In The Little Things

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I’m a big believer in regularly going out of your way for the person you’re with. Telling them you love them, giving them a kiss goodbye, picking up food for their favourite dinner on your way home.

Admittedly, this does mean I can sometimes be a wee bit high maintenance. But hey, if you don’t have high standards, they won’t get met! I like to snuggle up while watching TV, go out on dates regularly, spend an entire Sunday lazing about in bed together. Physical affection is particularly important to me. I love hugs and kisses, even if you’re in the middle of cooking dinner!

I know a couple who I think have got it totally sussed. Little acts of kindness are routine for them. He regularly brings her breakfast in bed, because he’s up first. Whereas she calls him into the bathroom and moisturises his face each morning, like a little mini facial, because otherwise he won’t get around to it.

True, that’s a bit sticky sweet for me to do every day, but boy are those two happy. I think it’s all those little things that add up to a happy relationship.

What are the little things that mean the most to you? And how far is too far, before you become that gross couple everyone avoids?

9 thoughts on “It’s All In The Little Things

  1. Great post! It’s the little, unasked-for gestures that make a big difference. My husband and I have been together for a very long time now, but he still does little things (like surprising me with a special dinner) out of the blue. He’s a big believer in doing things like buying flowers on a random basis rather than in honor of an occasion. Not really a romantic guy in general, but then he does little acts that show that he’s thinking of me in unexpected ways, and it’s adorable.

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  2. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2.5 years, most of which are long distance relationship because I go to college out of state while he stays here. First of all for him to actually show a little more emotion than normal is huge because he isn’t a very emotional guy. So whenever he texts something or says something meaningful and out of the blue I cling to it. He sometimes tries to pick my favorites too like in food, especially chocolate. Whenever I come home the first thing he does is buy me wicked nice chocolate. But one of the things he did this past year when I was away at school was he called me out of the blue on a Sunday night and was like “I just wanna talk”. Probably one of the sweetest things ever. His little things are the biggest for me.

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    1. That sounds lovely! Long distance is so hard, you guys are doing well. My husband is also not the most emotional, even little things like texting me in the day to tell me what’s happening can mean the world to me, because I know he wouldn’t do that for everyone else. So important to recognise when someone’s trying hard for you.

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  3. I don’t think there is a too far if it’s right for you, regardless of what other people think. Besides, some of those little things shouldn’t be public knowledge so others won’t know about them and have a chance to get grossed out..:) whatever keeps a couple happy and together is most important. At least that’s what I think..:)

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