What You Wear Is All About Sex?

I tend to write in bursts of about an hour or so, with five minute breaks to clear my head and sort through my thoughts. YouTube is constantly open on my browser for just this reason! Funny clips from Amy Schumer or BuzzFeed are just long enough to make me giggle, without taking up more time than I should really allow.

That’s how I found this latest video, talking about how our clothes relate to sex. I really recommend watching the video, as it’s well put together, but the parts I find most interesting are:

  • An obsession with modesty turns clothes, especially underwear, into sexualised objects. This makes clothing sexier than nudity!
  • The buttons on shirts for men and women are on different sides, because historically men dressed themselves, and women were dressed by servants.
  • Ties point your gaze toward the wearer’s crotch. (Gross, I work with men in ties, I don’t want to think about that!)
  • Red drives both men and women wild, because it makes us think of dominance, testosterone, and sex.

These things are fascinating! In the credits for the YouTube video they list all the source material, and it’s fairly extensive.

What do you think, is what we wear all about sex? Will you ever be able to look at a man in a tie the same way again? I’m not sure I will!

15 thoughts on “What You Wear Is All About Sex?

  1. I think people look much sexier with their clothes on than with them off. The mind and one’s imagination is much more intimate and sexier than the obvious, where nothing is left to the imagination.

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