Cover Reveal: Hawaiian Healing

The wait is almost over! Hawaiian Healing is just about ready to be released, answering all those questions you had after Hawaiian Heartbreak ended. (I’m a little bit sorry about that cliffhanger. But not much.)

But getting back to the topic at hand – this means it’s finally time to show you the new cover, hot off the press…


Ta-da! Isn’t it beautiful? Hawaiian Healing sees the emotions kick up a notch, and the stakes become higher. My designer did a great job making sure this cover gives you a taster of what’s coming.

You can also check out the blurb below. Only a few more weeks until it’s ready to be read!

Kayla came to Hawaii to heal her broken heart. Not to get it smashed all over again.

Jay took over her mind and body, consumed her, and then he was gone.

All she has left are the questions she can’t avoid any longer. Can she survive without him? What’s more important, love, or the life she’s built at home? And why does it suddenly seem like Jay’s hiding something?

The second book of three in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content.

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