Inspiration from the bucket list

Halemaumau Crater, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Halemaumau Crater, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

I’ve always loved travelling, and am an absolute nerd when it comes to planning a trip. I’ll research endlessly about the top things to do, best places to stay, always on the look out for a gem that’s a bit off the beaten track.

Hawaii is not exactly off the beaten track, but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. So when flights came up on sale a while back, my husband and I jumped on the opportunity. Top of the list of things to do there? LAVA.

On Hawaii’s Big Island there’s an active volcano. It has a lava lake in the crate (pictured above), lava rolling down the hillsides and into the sea, and even a restaurant on the rim of the crater where you can eat beautiful food and look out on the lava glow. Seeing an active volcano was on my bucket list, so it was satisfying to finally tick it off. It was even better than I expected. Standing in the middle of a volcano, the ground warm under your feet from lava deep below, makes you realise why ancient cultures believed a god lived in the volcano. It’s awe-inspiring.

At the risk of sounding like a tourism advert, I think our trip to Hawaii was one of the best holidays I’ve ever taken. This comes from a person who’s constantly scrimping and saving for the next travel adventure. I was so inspired by it, I came home itching to write a book set there.

So, that’s where my current book is set! It’s actually a lot of fun, re-living the highlights of our trip, and putting them into a love story. It was such a romantic place to be, it’s making this book quite easy to write.

What’s on your bucket list? And what sorts of things inspire you?