I can be a little competitive. Nothing outrageous, just I will compete over anything and everything, and I will WIN, damn it. Who can get to the car first? Me! Now let’s go back and pick up all the groceries I dropped to lighten the load.

I like to think this makes life entertaining, but there’s definitely a downside to it. Ever tried arguing with a person who doesn’t see losing as an option? I’ve been known to apologise to my husband with the line “I’m sorry you ruined everything”. Say it in a very contrite voice for maximum effect. Hey, in my marriage vows I promised to love him, nothing was said about maturity.

He may have been thinking of that when he sent me this the other day, with just the message “your theme song”. I have no idea what he’s referring to…

So, do you have a theme song? Share with me!

P.S. Sorry I was absent for a while, I was working on the second book with my editor. It definitely needed my full attention! We’re getting closer, though…