Cover Reveal

The new book is almost done! Which means I’m finally ready to show you the cover, and tell you a bit more about it.



“He’s infuriating. An asshole wrapped up in pretty packaging. And I know better than to unwrap that present.”

From the moment Tess sees the new guy at work, she feels the pull towards him. But then he opens his mouth.  And reveals himself as an arrogant jerk, intent on making her work life hell.

Avoiding Damian is the safest bet, but Tess has never been one to walk away from a fight. If he wants a war, he can have one. And he should be prepared to lose.

Because Tess built her real estate career to protect what’s left of her family. And no arrogant jerk is going to take it from her. No matter how good he looks in a suit.

Open Home, Closed Heart is a full-length standalone sequel to the Hawaiian Heartbreak Trilogy. Intended for readers over 18 due to explicit sexual content.


What do you think? I just love it, but then, I would say that 😉

Keep an eye out, because I’m going to be doing giveaways over the next couple of days. And if you want an extra chance, follow my social media accounts – there’ll be different giveaways on each one!

4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal

  1. Wohoooo! That’s a sexy cover, Libby!
    The blub has me wanting to know more about it. I remember Tess from the trilogy and it was interesting, to say the least. I mean her as a character.
    Girl, I will become your stalker for this. You know that, right? Hahahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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