6 thoughts on “PHOTOBOMB

  1. 🙂 This is a great picture! How is the editing going? I am curious, if you don’t mind me asking- do you use any special software when you write your book? I use a word document but I have seen a ton of software out there for authors. Just curious, Happy Tuesday!

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    1. It’s going good so far – the red pen is getting a major workout 😉

      I’m pretty old school when it comes to software. Some people love Scrivener, so I’d check that out if you’re into it. But I just use a Word document, with editing on the computer or on printed versions, depending what stage I’m at. But I’m a little bit of a technophobe, so keep that in mind!

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      1. I checked out Scrivener and I guess I just either don’t get it or see the appeal. I am using word document and that seems to be going well so far. Do you know if the pages in a word document equals the same amount of pages in a book?


      2. Yeah Scrivener just isn’t for me. Some swear by it, but it left me cold.

        Definitely not! Pages are a little tricky anyway, as it depends on book size, but it’s usually about two pages of a book per one page of a word document. But I find it easier to go by word count – your average book is 50-70,000 words by the end.

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