Celebration Time


The barista always knows how my day is going, based on order. Today I got a “long black? Congratulations!”

And congratulations is right, if I do say so myself. No need for a mood-boosting mocha today, because I finished the first round of editing for the current book. And damn, but I love this story!

Now only five more edits to get through…


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9 thoughts on “Celebration Time

  1. Congratulations!!! I feel so far away from this stage. I am not even sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel yet 🙂 But I have been thinking about the editing process and wondering how you go about this. How did you pick your editor? Did you have any Beta readers as you were writing your story?


    1. Thank you! One foot in front of the other, you’ll get there for sure 🙂

      Different editing processes work for different people, so bear in mind that you might not like my system. I found my editor through a mix of google, and Goodreads recommendations. Goodreads author groups are wonderful for checking out if someone is any good, or getting recommendations to start you off. But make sure it’s someone who knows your genre!

      I don’t have beta readers as such, but I do have a wonderfully brutal editor, and reader/author friends who I bounce things off. This is pure laziness on my part though, I should have beta readers! People who take the time to build a beta group swear by it.

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      1. Wow, this is great insight!! I am at the point in my book where I feel I should look into beta readers. I don’t have any author friends or really friends who would read the type of book I am writing. I am 7 chapters in and I worry that the plot is going too slow or there isn’t enough detail or even the characters are wishy washy. But what is holding me back is trust. I love brutal honesty and would rather someone tell me how it is instead of skipping around the truth.


      2. Definitely look into beta readers then – again check out Goodreads, there are some groups on there just for beta reading. Also see if there are any writers’ groups nearby – I use the Romance Writers Association of NZ, but there is also one at my local library. A buddy read with another writer can be invaluable!

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      3. That’s a great idea. I never would have thought to look into the local library. I am scared to take that step but I think if I knew the person better or met them in person, that might help. Thanks for you advice, I really appreciate it! This discussion made me make my Tuesday Talk about Beta Readers.

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