Review: King of Campus


Roan King.

The uncrowned king of Barnett University. He’s like a freaking celebrity around here. It’s totally ridiculous. People, by which I mean grown women, actually stalk him on the internet. And around campus. Apparently he’s god’s gift to both football and the ladies (I’m using that term loosely). All he has to do is smile and girls just fall right onto their backs before spreading their legs nice and wide. I’ve heard that he’s already plowed his way through half the female population here at Barnett. I’m sure he’ll work his way through the second half before he gets drafted to the NFL later this year.

Yeah… I don’t plan to be one of them. The guy is nothing more than a conceited player. You know the type—a steroid infused meathead jock coasting through college on his football prowess.


I have three words for you—avoid, avoid, avoid.


This book has me torn. I really liked it in some ways, and not in others. So let’s start where any sadist would – with the bad things.

It was mostly little things that kept pulling me out of the story. Ivy was quiiite obsessed with being flat-chested, giving it a mention several times in the internal dialogue. But she’s a ballet dancer, so I would’ve thought that was to be expected! Come on girlfriend, more than a mouthful’s a waste anyway.

There are very detailed descriptions of what people are wearing in every scene, which I kept skimming. And phrases that kept popping up over and over, which I know can happen, but it started to grate just a bit.

I saw a few DNF reviews, which I get, because these issues are definitely worse for the first quarter of the book.


The characters hit their rhythm after a while, to be witty and fun. Once they finally got their ish together, it was a sweet, selfless love between them. Not just Ivy and Roan, but the supporting characters too. It was worth hanging in there to get to this stage, because finally those first issues melted into the background.

It was a fun read, and I definitely enjoyed myself, but there were just a few little niggles.

3.5 stars!


Have you read it? What did you think?


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