Hitting A New Milestone

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You know how it is when you’re addicted to a book you’re reading? You have stuff planned for the day, but even while you’re hanging out with friends or family you’re secretly looking forward to getting back home so you can read some more?

Well, here’s a secret; writing a book can be pretty much the same. Sure it’s hard work, but when you’re on a roll you begrudge anything that stops you! So, between Easter chocolate and hanging out with people this long weekend, I kept sneaking away for a date with my keyboard, sorting out the latest project.

And hey, you can’t argue with results, because I hit a new milestone.


Yep, past the 40,000 words mark, and past 100 pages. (That’s 100 pages of a Word doc draft, which is more than 100 pages of a printed book, FYI!) Not only is this past where I’d hoped to be by now, but it’s actually the longest book I’ve written so far.

Because of course, the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy book were novellas. Sure they can be read all together, making them slightly more than the length of your average book. But each novella is its own distinct story, with its own little life cycle.

Whereas this is one stand alone story, and it’s bigger from the start. Which is proving to be a lot of fun! And so we’ve raced to this little milestone, and I’m taking a moment to celebrate.

I don’t want to jump the gun, but we’re almost at the point where I’m ready to tell you what it is I’m working on. Of course, I’ll tell my mailing list about it first – it’s only fair! If you want to sign up, I also do exclusive giveaways there. You can sign up right here http://eepurl.com/bwTdtD

How was Easter for everyone else? Don’t worry, I don’t expect you all to be workaholics like me!


(If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, I love to chat. http://twitter.com/AuthorLibby and http://www.instagram.com/authorlibby/)

14 thoughts on “Hitting A New Milestone

  1. Happy Easter from another workaholic. I’m up to my armpits in structural edits of my fourth book, and holidays provide me with whole days with no distractions – love them! I finished the first draft during the Christmas holidays (30,000 words over that period) before it went off to alpha readers.
    Although I’ve written several books, this is the first time I’ve tackled a sequel, and it was hard going, plus it weighs in at 150,000 words! However, yesterday I discovered I’m finally falling in love with the story, now it’s emerging from its rough form.
    So. back to work for one more (unexpected) free day – we had a violent storm last night and the back fence blew away, so instead of going out for the day, the other half is dealing with that!


  2. So awesome! There’s nothing like hitting that point. Do you know how many words the finished product will be around? I just hit 49k on book two of the series. And guess what?! My first book is going to be published soon! Twitter: @AuthorHRSavage

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      1. No firm date yet. My editor hasn’t even sent me back first revisions yet, but she said it’ll be a quick turnaround. And she’s already asking for the other books in the series 😉 haha.

        That’s a great number! That seems to be the standard for a novel these days. It must be exciting to go from shorter books to writing one big large one. My word counts tend to be really high. Book 1 was 95k words! -___-

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  3. Congratulations! and Happy Easter! Eat some more chocolate for me, ok?
    I’m glad to get this updates and this one it’s pretty impresive considering how you are working on this new project 🙂
    I can hardly wait to know what this is about!!
    I’m working on a new first project on April so I’m doing all my pre-planning and not outlining yet, which it’s kind of dumb considering my other projects stay stucked because of my lack of planning… or so it seems…


    1. Haha any excuse to eat more chocolate, I certainly will!

      Hey, you might well be someone who writes on the fly – some people are! Google some different versions of writing plans, you might be using a method that’s not a great fit for you. Experiment with a few things, the best method is the one that gets words on the page 😉

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    1. The hardest part is definitely just starting. I outline a rough skeleton over a couple of days, and then I start writing from chapter one. Try not to censor yourself – write every shitty thing that comes to mind, safe in the knowledge you can cut it when it comes to editing. And stick at it with no distractions, that’s the toughest part!

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  4. Wow, congratulations! I want to start writing, so this was nice to read. My instagram is ayaa_k; will add you the next time I log in 😀

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    1. Give it a whirl! There’s so much discussion about the best method, but the tried and true is to just sit down, and stick at it.

      I just looked for you on Instagram and I don’t think I found you – so definitely add me, I’ll follow you back 🙂

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