Scentsual Reading

Anyone else like to set the scene a little when they read? Snuggle up on the couch, grab a cup of tea, maybe light a candle if you’re feeling fancy?

OK, I admit I don’t usually light a candle, but I’m considering it now! Because I’ve discovered some book-scented ones. Not as in paper and ink scent (although, I’m down if they want to bring that out). But as in major classic authors, the scent they imagine they would like, and a quote from them.


It’s nerdy amazingness. This one is Jane Austen, which smells like gardenia, tuberose and jasmine. It has the quote “there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”. Agreed Jane, agreed.


This one is Oscar Wilde, which smells like cedarwood, thyme, and basil. It has the quote “anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination”. I agree, Oscar, but my bank manager doesn’t…

I promise nobody paid me anything for this post (I WISH), this is just the most wonderfully nerdy thing, so I had to share! There’s heaps of candles, and you can get them all here

And if I’ve now made you crave the smell of actual books, but you don’t want to be the weirdo sniffing pages… As a side note, these perfumes do exist.

My new best friends!


You can buy them here and here . Or go sniff some books, knock yourself out.

Anyone else getting ready for a sensory overload next time they sit down to read? Which candle do you want to try?


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