The Times A-Changing For Kindle

Change is coming to Kindle! This is particularly big news for romance readers and writers, because damn, we get through so many books that most of us are eReader addicts.


I know, change is scary, but I think these are genuinely exciting! For one thing, it’s linking to your Goodreads and Amazon wishlist. So you might actually get through that enormous TBR list. (However slow the process may be…)

Here’s what those wishlists will look like

You can also get recommendations from what your Goodreads buddies are reading, as well as bestsellers in the genres you read. It refreshes every time you turn on the Kindle from sleep mode.


The last change I’m most excited for is the ease of sharing favourite quotes – because let’s face it, I’m reeeally lazy about that on Goodreads currently. Now it can be as simple as highlighting!

So. Easy.

I promise this isn’t a Kindle ad – if you’ve got a Kobo or a Nook, more power to you. But it’s some major changes from a giant in the industry, and I’m pretty psyched for them! If you’re interested, you can check out the full list of changes here.

Do you like the changes?


(Current book progress: 3,482 words.)


12 thoughts on “The Times A-Changing For Kindle

  1. I love all of these changes! They’re fantastic. 😀 (except I might need to be more careful about who I friend on Goodreads, lol. Some abuse that recommend feature. 😉 )

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  2. I like the look of the quick access to favourite tools – especially airplane mode. I’m always searching for that in a panic at the last moment before take off…
    Thanks for the heads up – really useful to know about BEFORE it happens, out of the blue.
    Re-blogging this on Deborah Jay Author

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