Romance Isn’t Dead

I’m a sappy romantic. I’ll admit it. So unexpected from a romance author, I know! Flowers, chocolates, big gestures, sign me up. But after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates mysteriously disappeared, there’s some really weird things I find romantic.

If I get home after a long day, and the house is all clean and tidy without me ever saying a word about it, then you can bet I’m suddenly in the mood. If dinner’s made as well, then all bets are off.

And I’m not talking in the mood as in, “OK, here’s your reward”. As in I’m suddenly physically very attracted to my husband and not in the mood to waitA clean house has somehow become a major turn on. What?

Tell me that’s not doing something for you

Which makes me feel very old fashioned! It’s not as if I’m usually responsible for all the chores or anything, we both pull our weight. The best explanation I can think of is that I’m naturally fairly lazy, and unexpectedly not having to do my share is a relief. Then, what can I say, he gets the benefit of that rush of happy hormones.

I’m still working out how I feel about this one. While I do, help a girl out! I’m not the only weird one am I? Anyone else have something odd that gets them in the mood?


20 thoughts on “Romance Isn’t Dead

  1. I love this! I think there is nothing sexier than my husband wielding the vacuum and if he’s mopping our wood floors (which take up a considerable amount of square footage), hold back, there are sparks flying. Tonight is your night, bro!

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    1. I love this! And so very true, particularly about the big public proposals. Not a fan.

      I’ve actually got a couple of book ideas based on the ‘once your together’ romance – I think authors stay away from them because new love is so fleeting, so intoxicating, it’s kind of nice to take that trip down memory lane. But personally, I think there’s some good stories to be told about how that love changes and grows! So keep an eye out, it’s definitely one I’m working on.

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  2. I know a guy who gets a hard on every time he sees his girlfriend taking care of her kids. So it’s not just women who get off on a little domestic action.

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