Review: Hollywood Dirt


This book was so good, and not at all what I was expecting after some of Alessandra’s previous work. Much lighter, much sweeter, but she really made the change work. So: four stars!

four starsI admit, some of the high rating comes from the old enemies-to-lovers trope. I’m a sucker for it, and this one was done well! I really believed every fight, and you could feel the crackling tension under each one, just waiting to be released. When they finally gave into the attraction, talk about sparks flying.

It only just misses the five stars, for me. When the big reveal came about what Summer had done in the past to make the town hate her, it felt like no big deal. Which maybe was the point, showing how stuck up the town was? I not only wanted more from the people in the town to justify that, but from Cole’s ex-wife. It feels like those external problems were just brushed away.

BUT. There’s a reason it gets four stars, and that’s because those criticisms are very minor points. This book is seriously good!

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