Author Interview – Libby Cole

I talked to Skye from Skye’s Book Blog about writing Hawaiian Heartbreak, and what’s next for Kayla and Jay – check it out!

Libby Cole is the Author of Hawaiian Heartbreak & I had the chance to ask her some questions


Tell us a little about yourself

 I’ve always been a scribbler, but the outlet changes from time to time. I was a journalist for several years, but I eventually felt like I was only ever bringing people bad news. So I switched to writing romance books, because I wanted to help people indulge in some fun instead. Although there’s still plenty of room to slip some more serious topics in there, so it’s really the best of both!

I loved your book and it seems like you know a lot about Hawaii, Is this from experience or a lot of research?

 Bit of both, really. I love travelling with my husband, and we’ve seen some amazing places together. If you ever find someone you can travel with, without killing each…

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