Throwback: Tropical Dreaming


I love travel, but New Zealand is absolutely terrible for it. It’s quite far away from anywhere you want to visit, so any time you’re making plans, you end up factoring in a 10 hour (or more!) plane ride.

The exception is if you’re wanting to go to a tropical island, lie on a white sand beach and read a book. Then it’s just a hop skip and a jump!

This photo was taken in Rarotonga, the main island of the Cook Islands. Excuse the horizon being slightly squiffy, it’s hard to focus when you’re at an outdoor bar, Corona in hand, and you’ve just been swimming in the sea. It’s a tough life, really it is…

Have you traveled anywhere recently? Or are you, like me, stuck inside daydreaming about beaches?

36 thoughts on “Throwback: Tropical Dreaming

  1. DC area but that was more of a 1½ day trip since we haven’t been in dc for about 8yrs? It was cool to see all the updates to different parts of dc. Can’t wait to go upstate near New Paltz (That’s Catskills area in upper NY) the last week of Oct for a week a few weeks after I come back from volunteering at NY comic con then going to another local con the month after ;3

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  2. On the flip side, New Zealand has so many beautiful places to explore itself! I always love going back. The nearby islands are also a big plus. I’m actually heading to Niue next month (via Auckland). I’m SO excited! I hope to see many sunsets just like this one (beer in hand, naturally) 🙂

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  3. Y’know, NZ is kind of close to … Australia 😉 Funnily enough, that is why NZ is our next holiday destination (2wks to go!!) And NZ is so worth visiting! This will be my 3rd time; 2nd with hubby and 1st with kids. So glad you made the effort. And how you feel about the distance to NZ – that’s how I feel about the distance to almost everywhere else!

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  4. I went to Gettysburg last month and I’m always in NYC for a day a couple of times a month (sometimes less). I’m getting ready to go to Atlanta for the holiday and *maybe* South Carolina in the fall/early winter.

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      1. We used to go down all the time when my step-brother and his family lived there. They lived directly across from where the twin towers stood paying more money for rent then any sane person should.
        I have a bunch of pictures to get posted from my last trip. Next time I go down, I want to focus on graff art. And, with all the years I’ve gone there, I’ve never been to Central Park.

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  5. My last international trip was to the Dominican Republic last year – I’m not a beach sort of person and it was a family thing, so I’m not jonesing to go back anytime soon.

    I visited New Zealand many years ago and I loved it so much! It’s so lovely

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  6. Lol, my last big trip was to….. New Zealand! Can’t wait to come back again, but its a 24 hour trip going, and 26 hours back, and that costs a lot of dosh.
    We do a big trip every 4 years or so (nothing in between, we have to save up) – NZ was 3 years ago; now planning on Alaska for next year 😀

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      1. Yep, that’s the reason for the trip – we did the Rockies some years ago, and fancy repeating a bit of that and tagging Alaska on with it. Truly awesome wildlife to be seen.
        At least those flights are only 8n hours or so, from the UK.

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  7. I want to go to New Zealand so bad, but I can see how living there would make it hard to go anywhere else! I’ve been living in Japan for the last five years, which might as well be considered as an extended vacation, since I’m American, haha…. but next year, I’ll be going to Vancouver for a couple years!

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      1. I love it here. There is stuff for everyone here. 🙂 I haven’t been to the rabbit island, but there are cat and dog cafes everywhere. 🙂

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      2. Yep, I’m not sure about the new place but the pop up was working with a shelter to help give pets homes.

        Japan never surprises me one of my friends went to a owl cafe while there!

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