A hike, some sweat, and a diamond ring

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while knows I’m currently working on a trilogy set in Hawaii. There’s a reason for that; it has to be one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been to! I can see why all you Americans go on honeymoon there.

Why hello, beautiful
Why hello, beautiful

In the first couple of days that we were in Honolulu, we hiked up Diamond Head. It’s an old volcanic cone right in the midst of the city. It doesn’t look so high when it’s next to skyscrapers, does it? I. Nearly. Died. Between the heat and the steep climb, I was highly relieved to get to the top.

The view was entirely worth it. Honolulu is stunning, with skyscrapers going right up to the beach, giving you a beautiful contrast of the modern world in paradise. This should probably be the part where I promise you I’m not being paid off by their tourism board – it’s difficult not to wax lyrical about this spot!

Check out how clear the water is!

I really like the story behind the name. Apparently in the 19th century, British sailors turned up, and thought calcite crystals on the volcanic cone were diamonds. That must have been quite a disappointment when they figured out the mistake!

Nowadays the name tends to inspire guys looking for a special spot to propose. I’m not sure how happy I’d be for someone to pop the question while I was all red-faced and sweaty, but hey, I guess when you’re being proposed to you probably don’t care!

Where’s a romantic spot you’ve visited lately? Or even better, an awkward proposal spot?

18 thoughts on “A hike, some sweat, and a diamond ring

      1. Okay. Good. Cause I was going to force you to tell me how you got a job on the show if you were.
        Film/TV is what I went to school for. I’ve worked on a couple of TV shows and a movie before I had to leave LA so when I say, whatever the project is your working on makes me jealous, I mean it. (And I don’t get jealous easily.)

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      2. Oh it’s a book that I’m writing at the moment! But my day job is in radio production, so I understand your passion for it – what is it about broadcast that gets into the blood?


      3. I have *no* idea. The jobs I had on the two shows I worked on weren’t even that good, but I loved it so much. I was heart broken when I had to leave LA. I miss the back lots and the sound stages. Ugh. It’s ridiculous.


  1. I will never, ever forget hiking up Diamond Head. Those steps are killer! I gave up and stopped at the sitting area just before the top. I can’t believe that the tour book we bought listed the climb as “moderate” intensity. Who wrote that book? Clark Kent?? ^_-

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  2. It’s so pretty! I want to go to Hawa’ii someday! I think a nice place to be proposed to would be in an old-city kind of feeling place, somewhere historical, or a mountain town, or a beach? I suppose as long as its the guy I love asking, the setting could be almost anywhere.

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