Loving The Pun-ishment

Am I the only one in the world who loves puns? Maybe it’s because I don’t get out enough. Maybe it’s something to do with being a words geek. But if you start a pun war with me, I won’t need any inkcouragement. I’m going ALL IN.


Unlike a broken pencil, puns aren’t pointless. While 90% of people will eye roll me out of the room at the sound of a pun, it’s helped me unearth a few other word geeks at parties. Then you can huddle in a corner and plan out all the things you want to do before you die, ready for your oughtobiography.

Have I driven you away yet? Still not sorry. A good friend even used one to explain how I get sick every winter. What can I expect, when I’m always working with drafts?

Maybe one day puns will have a renaissance like sarcasm. Usually deemed the lowest form of wit, now scientists have come to our defence, and shown it actually makes people brighter and more creative. See, I’m not mean, I’m just trying to help you out.

I think the only one I’d rule out is any jokes about German sausage. They’re the wurst.

P.S. In my hurry-up-editor-I-want-to-publish-already upcoming book, the characters get into a pun war or two. Maybe I’m a little bit sorry about that. Dot dot dot. Dash dash dash. Remorse code.

14 thoughts on “Loving The Pun-ishment

  1. No, no, no – don’t pun-ish us like that! Pun-itive steps may have to be taken.
    I grew up in a household of punsters – that’s why my novel about a sprite is called ‘DESPRITE MEASURES’
    People either love it or hate it.
    The scheduled sequel is entitled ‘SPRITEFUL LIES’…

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