Attack Of The Peak Flu Season

Approach with caution

While everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying the heat of summer, here in New Zealand, we’ve hit mid-winter. While I wrote before about the benefits of staying home to write next to a glorious wood fire, there is a downside. Everyone is sick right now, including me.

I am usually a pretty brave, soldier on, kind of sick person. Not this time! It hit at the end of last week, with such force that I crawled into bed and stayed there for two days. The husband was at first amused, then happy to join me over the weekend, all cuddled up while he read a book and I kept sleeping. Ladies, if you find a man who likes to snuggle, put a ring on it!

I’m almost better now, but ironically, I sound worse than ever. My voice has completely disappeared. I’m far too much of a chatter box to let this stop me, so I’m just squeaking and creaking all over the place while people try to keep a straight face.

So, writing’s been on the back burner for a couple of days, but don’t worry, straight back into it tomorrow. Gotta get that second book ready to go so you guys aren’t left hanging too long after I release the first!

Have you been sick lately? And please, any home remedies, share them with me!

23 thoughts on “Attack Of The Peak Flu Season

  1. A friend of mine calls this “the cure” and drinking it has never failed to make me feel better when I’m sick. Disclaimer: said good feeling quite possibly comes from feeling like a badass for even having survived the stuff, but here goes, Fred Clark’s Cure:
    “It’s a jar of chopped up garlic, onion, very hot pepper, fresh ginger, and turmeric, all steeped in apple cider vinegar. Should be a live vinegar with the mother. Tablespoon a day, maybe two. It’s anti biotic, anti viral, anti everything. Maybe a little anti social. But are you really very social when you’re blowing your nose and coughing everywhere? Look no farther – this is the real deal.”

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  2. Echinacea,Manuka Honey, Probiotics for the Immune system.
    Lots of fluids. Steam inhalations if bunged up or coughing..
    Its interesting that UK flu jab is concocted from the flu strains in NZ and Auz.
    Hows that editing going? Mine seems to be going backwards and thats flu free! lol

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    1. Steam inhalations is a good one! I hate being bunged up, makes your head feel cloudy.
      Editing is going well! Book 1 is now with the official editor, so I’ve started plotting and scribbling for book 2 to keep the momentum going. Each stage feels like it goes forever when you’re in it though, doesn’t it.


  3. As for me, I have such a crappy immune system that I’m going to be starting to down Airborne and Vitamin C stuff starting the beginning of August. I’m going to a convention in Georgia at the beginning of September with at least 30,000 other people. I have a Vit. D deficiency on top of it so I get sick really easily.
    The moment I start feeling a cold coming on, I start popping the Advil Cold and Sinus during the day and NightQuill before bed. I usually end up sick anyway and I refuse to get the flu shot.

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      1. They’re AWFUL! I always get home and end up sick, it’s ridiculous. You’d think with the amount of alcohol I consume all weekend, it would kill all the germs. NEWP.

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