Sexy silver foxes

There’s something about grey hair. It has nothing to do with whether the face underneath it is old or young. Grey hair is just gorgeous.

My husband started to grey very young. The first silvery strands were visible when he was around 22, and considering the rest of his hair is jet black, they were very noticeable. He was bothered by it at first, until he realised how sexy I found it. They’re coming thick and fast now, and I’m a very happy lady!

I know I'm not exactly Anderson Cooper's type, but I live in hope that he'll change his mind!
I know I’m not exactly Anderson Cooper’s type, but I live in hope that he’ll change his mind!

It’s not just men though. I’ve long thought that when I start to go grey, I’ll wait until it’s a proper silver all over, and then embrace. Maybe even enhanceย it with some platinum highlights.

So you can imagine my delight when grey hair became a fashion recently. Some of my favourite beauty bloggers are posting beautiful dye jobs, and I’m filing away the pictures to my inspiration folders!

I still wouldn't have her gorgeous face, but I maintain the hair is stunning on its own
I still wouldn’t have her gorgeous face, but I maintain the hair is stunning on its own

Do you like grey hair? When you start to grey, would you embrace the change or dye over it?

And lastly: did you know a silver fox is not just a sexy man? I’d quite like to hang out with either version, frankly. This little guy is super cute!

Silver (Red) Fox standing on a small hill - CA

17 thoughts on “Sexy silver foxes

  1. I let my grey/silver come naturally and after a couple years learned to love it. I have these gorgeous streaks that frame my face. I keep it healthy shiny and well trimmed it looks beautiful and I feel good with it.

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  2. It’s great to hear that gray is a trend now! I’ve been toying with the idea of letting my gray grow out for a long time now, but I have long hair and can’t quite figure out how I’d manage it. (Plus, my husband is very opposed to the idea — but hey, it’s my head!) ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. With my luck, by the time I turn completely silver it will have gone out of fashion again ๐Ÿ˜‰ That being said, it’s heartening to hear that there are people out there who might find my streaks attractive!

    And yeah, Anderson Cooper. I’m not his type either, but one can dream….

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  4. I have been embracing the grey for some time now. My critical sister maintains that it makes me look older, but,well, I am old (but almost two years younger that HER!). I laughed when I heard it was becoming fashionable; once again, I am ahead of my time.

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