Writer’s Block: The romance edition

The problem with writing a romance book is right there in the name of the genre. I find I can fake witty banter or fun plot twists, but I can’t fake the emotion. Which means if something is off in my personal life, writer’s block makes its presence felt.


The worst that can happen for my writing is a fight with my husband. I’m very lucky with the man I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with, but we both work demanding jobs, and sometimes we can go for days passing like ships in the night. Too long in that cycle, and misunderstandings spring up, emotional needs aren’t met, and I can get a bit morose.

Once that mood sets in, writing about people falling in love feels impossible. Luckily my husband is a man of action, and it only usually lasts a couple of days before he moves mountains to make me my usual chirpy self. Then a burst of inspiration will come back!

If you write, what brings in writer’s block for you? Or even, more widely, what blocks your creativity in life?

13 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: The romance edition

  1. I’m currently having writers block particularly with my poetry. One thing that is helping me is talking walks around my town and exploring. I’ve been taking the time to watch and listen within my surroundings.


      1. Really varies, depending on what it is. If there’s a cause, fix it. If I’m bored, get out there and seek more inspiration. If I’m being lazy – sit down and write something, no matter how terrible it is! Usually it’s better than I expect.

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  2. when ever i get writers block of any kind i go out and live what i want to write, like right now I’m living gutter punk playboy, complete with the odd head aches that arise. Which thankfully is usually just a hang over but if i ever turn up missing someone investigate my girlfriends it was probably all of them!

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  3. I hope to aspire to write my own book or feature film script (and often write short stories and play scripts) and so I write as much as possible but I always feel like schoolwork is -not only more important- but creatively draining. I’ll come home from school, do homework, revise and then sit down to write and it’s as if my brain is void. It’s the most annoying thing ever!! x

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    1. That’s a tough one, I have the same thing with work, sometimes I sit down to write at the end of the day and I’m just exhausted. Personally (I don’t know if this works for everyone) I find that if I take half an hour to nut out the skeleton of where I’m going, then start writing to fill that, the creative juices start again and I’m off. Getting started is usually the hardest part!

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      1. Thank you so much! I always have difficulty starting whatever it is I’m writing, I’ll have to try that though. Fingers crossed it’ll work 😊 x

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  4. This is so true- I’m trying to write young adult romance at the moment and writers block is a regular occurrence. I have such a bad habit of not writing things down if I don’t think they’re good enough, if a sentence isn’t perfect I won’t even consider putting it in which really demotivates me! Great post

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    1. It’s the hardest thing – but don’t let it control you! Set aside two hours where you just write everything that comes into your head, no mental editing, no going back. You can do all that later. You’d be amazed, once it’s down on paper it’s usually pretty good. Or at least can be tweaked to be good 😉

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